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We’re going back to the turn of the century to explore The Sims cheat codes!

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๐ŸŽฎ Episode Synopsis (SPOILERS!)
Cheat Code Retrospective #3 – The Sims
Originally Released June 6, 2018

When the Sims was released in February of 2000, its publisher Electronic Arts projected its sales numbers at 160,000 units. It turns out they were wrong – by about 15,840,000. The Sims was a massive success, and, like most games from that time, it was packed full of cheat codes.

In a game about building houses, you want as much control as possible. Entering the code water_tool enables a water tool to create ponds, rivers, and moats around your house. It didnโ€™t act like real water but hey, it looks pretty cool. But whatโ€™s a pond without some grass? grow_grass lets players control how fast or slow the grass in your lot will grow.

Tweaking the map is cool and all, but letโ€™s face it, youโ€™re way more interested in editing the objects – especially that stubborn mailbox. Entering the code move_object will toggle object editing, granting the player full control over all objects on the lot. Move the mailbox, repaint the road, or even teleport your sims. This code even works when your sims are in the shower, allowing the most curious of players to finally take a peek at their sims in the nude.

But not every cheat was a gameplay enhancement – some were just for fun. Entering the word xyzzy results in the unique error message โ€œNothing happens.โ€ This is a reference to the 1977 text adventure game Colossal Cave Adventure, where typing Xyzzy would teleport the player between two room as long as they were in one of those locations; but if entered elsewhere the game would simply return the text โ€œNothing happens.โ€ Xyzzy has been referenced in other games and applications besides the sims. The command has been hidden in versions of MS-DOS, in Gmail, and Deus Ex just to name a few. It was even snuck into older versions of the classic Windows game Minesweeper, where typing xyzzy then pressing shift then enter would change the color of a single pixel in the corner of the screen whenever the mouse cursor was over a mine.

Getting back to the Sims, players could string cheats together using semicolons and even repeat cheats using an exclamation point. This goes back to the Unix history command which allowed engineers to repeat commands using an exclamation point. And if you did play the sims, you probably remember using this trick to gain more money when using the rosebud cheat.

Entering rosebud gives the player 1,000 simoleans, and adding a handful of semicolons and exclamation points will repeat the code thus increasing the amount of money earned from entering the cheat. Rosebud is arguably one of the most famous cheat codes in gaming history – or at least among gamers who played the sims – but do you know the origin of this code?

Soon after the sims was released Maxis published a patch which fixed some common issues, but also introduced the rosebud cheat code, replacing the original code Klapaucius. Why did Maxis replace the money cheat? There isnโ€™t a hard answer, but gamers have speculated that it was simply due to Klapaucius being a hard word to remember. Klapaucius was a reference to a collection of short science fiction stories titled The Cyberiad, written by Stanislaw Lem in 1965. In a 1989 interview with The New York Times, Maxis co-founder Jeff Braun explained that Will Wright – the designer behind the sims and SimCity – designed SimCity after he became infatuated with anything involving cities, including Stanislawโ€™s The Seventh Sally – a story from the Cyberiad – in which a banished tyrant is given control over a simulated city.

In The Cyberiad stories, the character Klapaucius is a brilliant robot and engineer who can construct practically anything at will. Itโ€™s a fitting cheat code since giving the player unlimited funds allows them to build anything they want.

The patch changed the code from Klapaucius to Rosebud, which is a reference to the 1941 film Citizen Kane. Rosebud represents Kaneโ€™s last happy childhood memory before heโ€™s taken away from home and his life becomes focused on money on power. Also a very fitting cheat code, and significantly easier to remember than Klapaucius.

Music from The Sims soundtrack by Jerry Martin, Marc Russo, Kirk R. Casey, and Dix Bruce.

SimCity 4: How I Make Money | No Mods/Cheat Codes

SimCity 4 lets play involving a discussion about how to ensure your city makes the most money possible in the early stages of the game. It falls down to two main things, much like financial management:

1) Make Money
2) Control Expenses

(the third would be “Invest Wisely” if it was in the financial world)

You make money by investing in agriculture and dirty industrial within a tree’d area to prevent the escape of pollution, once maxed out in the way the video identifies you can start to use those funds to expand your city and build the city of your dreams with the best city simulation made to date: SimCity 4

I also use toll roads, and minimize expenses by avoiding needless infrastructure until later on, and ensuring I am not needlessly spending on too much healthcare or education (match it with the cities requirements).

Once your industrial/farm buildings are up though, you are afforded quite a bit of flexibility due to the LOADS OF CASH you’ll have.

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To trigger the bug you must set up a ‘buy deal’ from another city and accept it. (part of monthly expenses)

1. You have a buy deal set up. You *cannot* already have the resource in your city.

2. Reopen the deals tab, select sell to the city that needs water.

3. Cancel the buy deal and

4. Reselect the sell deal in the same budget session

Make as much money as you need, the amount you get is based on the amount of the resource your selling. Don’t forget to cancel the deal before you exit or it may bankrupt the city you are selling to.

buying water from City 2
sell water to city 3
cancel buy deal, re-select sell deal
the amount you get will depend on the quantity of the resource, and may cancel itself after a few months, but you can repeat the process.

This bug allows you to get unlimited money and works in any version. There is no download required. If you have problems getting the bug to work, leave a comment below.

If you get a glitch where you have unlimited demand for water, cancel all water deals and save then exit your city. Reload your city and build water pumps to reset demand to correct levels.
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SimCity 4 Cheats, Cheat Codes PC

SimCity 4 Cheats, Cheat Codes PC

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